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Young Artists

2014 Young Artists

The 2014 Young Artists were selected from auditions conducted in Boston, New York or video tape.   These advanced musicians of violin, viola, cello and piano are professionally oriented and interested in furthering their knowledge of chamber music.  The 19 successful applicants for 2014 were:

Robert Anemone, violin

Stephanie Block, viola

Claire Bourg, violin

Nathan Chan, cello

Joe Gotoff, cello

Josh Halpern, cello

Ken Hamao, violin

Arlen Hlusko, cello

I-Jung Huang, violin

Ting-Ru Lai, viola

Li-Mei Liang, violin

Drew Peterson, piano

Jeremias Sergiani-Velazquez, violin

Wan-Chi Su, piano

Chensi Tang, viola

James Thompson, violin

Alan Toda-Ambaras

Rimbo Wong, viola

Stephanie Zyzak, violin

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